Nordic Hardwood Factory ( is a high-class carpentry company from Riga. Our hardwood doors are made of carefully selected pine, ash, oak or other hardwood materials. Each board has been thoroughly tested, so the finished product meets high quality. We can make completely new interior and exterior doors, as well as wood kitchens, furniture and other products in the customer's required sizes, processing, and colours. product range also includes handmade wooden panels, fences, chairs, tables, and other products to make your property unique and exclusive. Everything is made to individual orders.

Restoration employs highly qualified craftsmen, so they know how to professionally renovate old wooden windows and doors, as well as facades of wooden buildings. We are for ecological and natural materials, and we try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, so restoring old wood products is a great way to help the planet. We are also trying to receive municipal co-financing for Riga objects, so that it would be financially easier for real estate owners to renovate old wooden windows, doors and wooden building facades. Everything is coordinated according to individual wishes and orders, so that the restoration of wood is as high quality as possible.

Why produces only high-quality products here in Europe, Latvia. The management and directors of comes from Latvia. We were born and raised here, and we want our country to grow and develop, as well as restore our cultural monuments and historical buildings and products.

Nordic Hardwood Factory wants to grow with the customers, so we work with both individuals and large-scale projects.


Products manufactured by in every house in Europe.


Comfortable and modern housing, preserving the family heritage.


Hardwood comes from noble trees. As we use only natural hardwood, so each door is unique in both colour and wood pattern.
Hardwood creates a harmonious mood in the house, as it is noble in its essence and blends harmoniously with the rest of the house design.
Hardwood products are very functional not only now, but they have also been in great demand in ancient times and most likely in the future. That is why hardwood doors and wood cabinets are passed down from generation to generation. They are useful and looks marvelous at all times. Hardwood products are always in fashion.