Other hardwood products

Nordic Hardwood Factory carpentry is very versatile. We can make different hardwood products, for different occasions on individual requests, for example:

  • Hardwood panels
  • Hardwood fences
  • Hardwood terraces
  • Hardwood stairs and handrails
  • Engraved wood business cards
  • Hardwood meat boards
  • Hardwood chairs
  • Hardwood dog houses

nhf.lv products are made of the highest quality hardwood, so they are strong and lifelong. We manufacture our products according to customer specifications and needs, adapting to different shapes and sizes. To personalize the selected products, nhf.lv also offers engraving on request.

Curved panels

Nordic Hardwood Factory offers a new ceiling and wall decorative solution – curved panels. Modern, ecological and exclusive solution for indoor and outdoor finish. They are made of hardwood grown in Latvia, treated with ecological materials to better highlight the wood fibers and create unique design elements.

nhf.lv curved panels are available from different materials – pine, ash and oak. Finishing can also vary – varnished, painted or stained.

No special ceiling or wall preparation is required for installation, which significantly reduces assembly time and installation.

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Stairs and railings

The nhf.lv team manufactures hardwood stairs with railings according to individual sizes and designs. We recommend that you contact the staff of Nordic Hardwood Factory to get not only a beautiful, but also a multifunctional staircase. Nowadays, the economy of space is important, so we make stairs, which can also be built into cabinets, shelves and other useful things. We recommend using ash or oak material for the strength and durability of the stairs.

nhf.lv carpenters make stairs of different designs, but the following are the most popular:

  • Straight hardwood stairs
  • Two hardwood staircases with platform (L-shaped)
  • Three hardwood stairs with one space between the area and the turn (type П)

In order to be able to provide you with the best and most accurate price offer, nhf.lv masters need the following information:

  • Distance from floor to ceiling
  • Distance from the second floor flooring
  • Width of wooden stairs x length (room dimensions)
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Other hardwood products

Nordic Hardwood Factory carpentry is very versatile. We can make various hardwood products, available for different occasions by individual order, such as:

  • Wooden fences
  • Wood terraces
  • Engraved wooden business cards
  • Wooden meat boards
  • Wooden children’s houses
  • Wooden chairs
  • Wooden dog houses
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